Welcome to Gate City

If this is your first time, welcome to Greensboro. This city has many hidden treasures, ranging from history to culture. After living here for five years, I am still learning of hidden coffee shops, galleries, thrift stores and other potential. The most recent treasure was to have the U.S. Figure Skating Championships hosted here in Mid-January. Two years ago, I saw the call to artist for the poster design competition, but began designing much closer to the deadline.

I the design challenge was to not have any type, or writing at all. However, there were no other constraints. I wanted to do something focusing more so on content layering. Instead of focusing on only the beauty, I wanted to add functionality to it. The conjoined figures are actually stages of a performance. Each poster depicts the first, second, and third, place winners of 2014 U.S. Championships, which were hosted in Boston.

The following are the winners and their performances captured on video:


First Place

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Second Place (My Favorite)

Madison Chock & Evan Bates

Third Place

Maia & Alex Shibutani

The Championships have been a big deal, as it relates to potential participants for the Olympics in the near future. This event is a mere stepping stone for some of these performers, much like the illustrations that overlay each other to capture a timeless moment that marks their hard work to compete at the level they do. This series inspired me to make more videos relating to Greensboro’s many hidden secrets, which I will post another day. Enjoy!

P.S. The prints will be posted on my Digital Fine Arts Gallery


Mandala Project

The Mandala project was one of a series of architectural concepts in my senior thesis, “In Progress”. Specifically, this concept pursued the philosophical approach , “although we progress in technology and creation, we must be reminded that all things are temporal and along with the accumulation of knowledge arrogance is also required. Thus, we must let our creation go to erase our arrogance as well.”

Like the other two concepts, Mandala is a living sculpture and is built to provide space for plant life to grow and to prosper. Below is the link to the specific article: