And we are running!

One month from today, will be the first day of the exhibition. JTR Presents has started enacting its mission and vision to support the arts through supporting emerging artists.
Earliar in July, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to raise funds to address the logistics. Itaking on a major project to help fund the money necessary, in compliments to the crowdfunding. At this point, i am now getting tickets to bring the artists down and the artwork shipped, but i need the campaign finished before i can secure it.

As I am working to have this exhibition happen, I am also exploreing and expanding on what I gained in my education and past practices.  More will be shared soon.

You have 20 minutes…Go!



20 Minute Painting Competition

Greensboro is like a hidden gem. In fact, much of North Carolina is that way, and this event was very much one such gem. This past year, a local designer, Jeff Beck, coordinated a series of contests call the Ultimate Painting Tournament. This contest is a major public event where participating artists have a total of 20 minutes to create a painting. After the 20 minutes, the crowd votes for an artist and the artist with the most votes win the round. These photos are from the first time I went to this competition. I later participated in the following year, early 2015. This is an annual challenge and more information can be found at the following link below:

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Influencial LGBT Website


During my involvement with the student ambassador program in my undergrad, I was asked to help display influential figures from LGBTQIA (LGBT for short) communities for Awareness week. I managed to kick-start a site that contained background information of influential LGBT who have, or are contributing to the community in some way or another. This also include both high, and low profile people. The link to the site can be found at the bottom for any one who wishes to see it.

The original purpose was to design an exhibition displaying these individuals, and many others, for the Multicultural Center at NC A&T. The physical displays were images and names of influential people with a a bar code that would take the viewer to a page specifically for that LGBT. On the top of the poster, was the link to the main website that connects all of the influential LGBT together.


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These are portraits of people I shot in their “best light”. When I shoot, I intend to capture people as relaxed as then can be and in their “natural environment” and I aim to add as much character in each portraiture shot as possible. I also try to add story in my shots. Usually, they are open-ended, but in each person I shoot, I see something more to them that I use whatever resources I can to show more about them. More of my photography can be found in my personal gallery.

In Progress

In Progress is an ongoing study into the relationship between Humanity and Nature. It originated as an interactive design challenge for a class, however, it quickly became something I am adiment about and very determined to build. For my senior thesis, I wanted to focus on three concepts which were potential for the living sculpture that is intended to be stationed on my alma mater’s campus. Out of the three, one will be built by Sockwell Hall. More information can be found on the website I designed to provide access to all research materials and documentation of my design logic. You can click here or by typing the following link into your URL:


Blazing Ahead

I have a summer job as a guidance councilor for a program designed for academically gifted youth. As part of my job, I run activities as part of the students’ experiences at camp. Considering  I wanted to do something productive, my activity was to help students plan, and develop a community service Project to the point of execution. Depending on each person’s project, the planning entailed setting a budget, inventory list, a list of volunteers, a set go goals for the project, looking for needs in the community, etc. I, along with another colleague, had mentored the students to planning their projects out during the time we were with them. After they left, it was up to them to finish. The site serves as their online plan book, and storage system, to finish their plans and to use for references later in their life.

Duke TIP

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During the summer, I worked as a guidance counselor for academically gifted youth between the ages of 12 and 17 on Duke’s Campus. At the end of each term, or session, there is a book given to each student; similar to a yearbook. Often times, the book gets destroyed, or lost, which is a memory lost for someone. There is a website that works somewhat as a  digital yearbook for students to go and look at the history they made for the program as the program grows, however there is a limited use of media. As a  reaction to this, I developed a website that served as a hub for all media. From video, to diary, to journal entries, etc. students, also known as tipsters, can go and find nearly any media used to record their fondest moments from the previous year. All media used to record those close moments are organized on this site for that year and can be found on this site for years to come. For protection of current tipsters, I choose not to provide the link to the site, but below are photos of the site a demonstration of what I learned for user experience.