Updates on Blankhood

The exhibition is up and the artist talk was well received. Currently producing a remastered version of the artist talk, since the broadcast had ended abruptly. Everyone involved in the broadcast will receive a high definition copy of the talk. Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you have not been to the exhibition, come visit before the end of the 17th. 

Influence of Gender identity on youth through entertainment

Colin Stokes brings up another point in gender identity and the influence film and entertainment has in our cultures. Checkout the video below and tell me what you think.

More on Shoccara Marcus

“I am captured climbing up walls, crawling into window panels, hanging from doors, whereas my family members sit at the kitchen table, watch television, and maintain there daily lives”

-Shoccara Marcus-

Shoccara Marcus is an Atlanta-based photographer both, commercially and for the fine arts. She is also a dancer and choreographer who incorporates dance with her photography. She has produced several bodies of works, each with differing themes, but one particular body I became interested in was the series, “Choreography of my past”. In this series, Marcus returns to¬† her home for a short time after being independent for about a decade. While returning home, she is confronted with several challenges, including the challenge of dealing with the perspective of her childhood self, which still existed in the eyes of her family, as opposed to the adult that she is.

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