Updates on Blankhood

The exhibition is up and the artist talk was well received. Currently producing a remastered version of the artist talk, since the broadcast had ended abruptly. Everyone involved in the broadcast will receive a high definition copy of the talk. Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you have not been to the exhibition, come visit before the end of the 17th. 

Influence of Gender identity on youth through entertainment

Colin Stokes brings up another point in gender identity and the influence film and entertainment has in our cultures. Checkout the video below and tell me what you think.

A piece on Contrera from Huffington Post

A while ago, Contrera met with someone from the Huffington Post to interview about what Contrera’s work is about and its progress. Here is a “Part 1” of the interview.


Nicholas Contrera


More about Nicholas Joseph Contrera

The concept of American Landscape is largely determined by one’s own life experiences. My American Landscape is undoubtedly shaped by the diverse characters that that surround me: artists, drag queens, performers, vagabonds. Turning my camera to a diversity of subjects, particularly those entrenched in New York City’s vibrant and often decadent club scene, my work investigates the fluidity of sexuality and self. What is more American then freedom of self expression? In this series, I follow a group of friends during the summer months that not only express themselves without apology but also have found a sense of community with each other.

Nicholas Joseph Contrera

“The Fluidity of Sexuality and Self”

YPA Staff

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