Updates on Blankhood

The exhibition is up and the artist talk was well received. Currently producing a remastered version of the artist talk, since the broadcast had ended abruptly. Everyone involved in the broadcast will receive a high definition copy of the talk. Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you have not been to the exhibition, come visit before the end of the 17th. 

Influence of Gender identity on youth through entertainment

Colin Stokes brings up another point in gender identity and the influence film and entertainment has in our cultures. Checkout the video below and tell me what you think.

More about Aliana Grace Bailey

Today, I fuse a variety of mediums—graphic design, textiles, painting, printmaking, and photography—and employ vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and bold typography. I am embracing and exploring the ways in which these elements hold a special purpose and create beautiful conversations. My passion lies in the process, and I am always digging deeper. I enjoy immersing myself in each step of the journey.

-Aliana Grace Bailey-

The Art of Aliana Grace Bailey

Aliana Grace Bailey is a multi-media artist and graphic designer stationed in Washington D.C. where she is originally from. Bailey is an upcoming artist who synthesizes her passion for the arts, activism, and design into one principle. Her voice revolves around themes of healing, self-empowerment, and Women’s Rights. She also investigates the presentation and perspective of women. Regarding to her work in design and activism, Bailey coined the term “Social Good Doer” as she actively seeks the social needs of the community and reflects it in her work.

Recently on her Instagram, Bailey had taken an international trip to Accra, Ghana as an artist residency. There, she had made sugarcane paper, traditional jewelry, and craft as a form of cultural preservation. In one of her posts along her travels she mentions the art of making glass beads. These beads carry a long history of Ghana and its culture, and that history is passed down, or given to the artists. The artists are also told the stories the individual wants to pass down and are taken through the complex process of producing the beads and creating jewelry with them. In her travel, she had worked with one of the best known bead makers in the local Ghana community and on the international plane. This residency is but one of many goals Bailey has regarding travel. It is her personal goal to travel the world, and immerse herself in culture, people, and the history of everywhere she goes.

Bailey is highly active in her community as her recent works involve a publication, Black Women’s Health Matters, and had collaborated with the Sanctuaries, and the Washington Peace Center, in the 2017 Activist Awards Gala in D.C. this past May. This party was in conjunction with the #keepfightingdc movement. Recently, she started collaborating with The Sanctuaries: Soulful Arts and participating in the Black Lives Matter movement, in the DC Chapter. These are just to name a few, but does not cover even a quarter of her entire dossier of past achievements. On top of her involvement and leadership, Bailey also has a large body of work to rest her laurels on .

Despite all of her achievements in the amount of work she has, Bailey is still an emerging artist yet to be collected in museums and major art collectors. Also, two of her works explore certain identities and the process of dealing with people’s perspectives. These two works, “In Between our Legs” and “Black Goddess Tribute” regard the perspective of virginity and its juxtaposition with purity; and regard the acknowledgement of the female role models who have influenced her personal life and reflect on the influences women have onto others. For these, I wanted her in _______hood as her work presents the opportunity to explore how others influence our identities as we go through this “rite of passage”.


In Between Our Legs

Black Goddess Tribute Installation

Activist Awards Gala Branding

Stories that Transform

Black Women’s Health Matters

Keep Fighting DC