Nicholas Joseph Contrera

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Nicholas Joseph Contrera


Nicholas is a photographer originally from Detroit and based in New York who’s work focuses on questioning gender.

One of his recent bodies of work titled “The children of Christopher” focuses on members of the LGBT community in New York they do not typically join the high and well known places however convene at a place called Christopher Street near East Village. In this body of work, Contrera has mentioned a focus on LGBT of color.

“Before ending up in New York City, I felt as though I was shedding an old skin. I starting a pilgrimage from Detroit, lived nomadically around the country until finally arriving in New York. Emerging from a context of urban decay, I intuitively sought stimulation in the margins. At the same time queerness, was becoming a new lens through which I saw my work to explain the world around me. Queer; Tribal. Admittedly, my general interest in the self, identity and community morphed into more focused and refined explorations of queerness. In both, I examine the individual and the individual’s relationship to a broader culture or subculture. Conventions particularly as they relate to gender and sexuality – are not only redefined but in constant flux. As it celebrates differences within these endlessly transforming tribes. For this body of work, I first entered into a world unfamiliar to most – and a realm that transcends borders, geographic and otherwise. These places are where the depiction of one’s expression has impact and the lines of gender are blurred. During the last years of my photographic explorations, what I actually encountered was a tribe.”

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