Aliana Grace Bailey


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Aliana Grace Bailey


Aliana is an emerging artist in Washington DC who had been established through rock artist and her current exhibitions in DC.

Her works focus on empowerment, healing, and the empowerment of women as well as women of color through art and creativity. Her recent production #BlackGoddesstribute focuses on the women involved in her life where contributed greatly to her personal and creative development. The rest of her buddies of work focus on the main concept #DesignForGood

Artist Statement – “Black Goddess Tribute Installation”

“The Black Goddess Tribute was a one night event where fashion designers created beautiful looks inspired by icons like Grace Jones, Solange,  Janelle Monae, Pam Grier and more. The participating visual artists were asked to do the same by creating installations honoring a goddess of their choice…

… I finally decided. Who better to honor than the goddesses in my very own life? The ones who fuel me. Protect me. Inspire me. Support me. The ones who lift me higher and keep me going. The black goddess who birthed me. The goddesses who showed me what it means to be a black woman. The ones who grew into womanhood with me.

My tribute is to the black goddesses who have shaped my life. The ones who have played a vital role in who I am today; as a woman and an artist.”

Artist Statement – “In between our legs”

“This series explores the concept of virginity and abandonment of the term. It is an idea, a social construct, that is heavily prized in our culture. Virginity can be described as the state of never having had sexual intercourse. It is considered to be the state of being naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context. Synonyms associated with the word virginity include cleanness, purity, honor, integrity, spotlessness, and uprightness. Antonyms associated with the word virginity include promiscuous, dirtiness, and fornication. What do these words reflect about individuals who are virgins? What do these words reflect about individuals who are not? In what ways do these terms influence our level of self-respect, confidence, and esteem? How does it differ between men and women? Is it rewarding or shameful? And should we accept the “idea” at all? Throughout my body of work, I explored and continue to explore the flawed concept of virginity, through a feminist perspective and studied its strong impact on woman’s perception of self.

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