The process: curatorial statement

From the first time the idea of this exhibition came into thought to this weekend, I have been contemplating about the statement I wanted to make with this exhibition. Funny enough, even to this point it is difficult to really convey what the exhibition is about. It’s a multifaceted exhibition centered around the main theme of identity and how to navigate through it.

The idea of the exhibition came to thought while I was brainstorming a series of exhibitions to do produce for the following years to come to build on my career as a curator. Despite that I chose the wrong educational path for a curator, I still remember the advice one of my mentors gave me when I was interning at the Greenhill NC. Edie Carpenter had told me “If you want to start your career path as a curator, you’re going to have to put on shows.” As I was writing ideas down, I thought about my current position in life, the artists I have met and the inspiration I received from them. I thought of my difficulty finding a full-time position in the arts administration field and this growing anxiety of having to prove myself again while feeling like my proof should have been apparent. I thought of all the artists while writing ideas down and felt there was some familiar detail about them.

_______hood Took a year to plan, prepare, and produce. During the months as I was securing the location, preparing the marketing material, and talking to be artists about their work, I could not help but feel like I was getting closer to that familiar detail about them. It wasn’t until after I started installing the work in the gallery that it came to realization. Despite the amazing achievements these artists have made already, they are still considered “emerging “artists.

I’m surprised they are not in the same position as Jordan Castille Who is currently being exhibited throughout the East Coast and further during in shortly after her time in graduate school at Yale. The content of the work is drastically different, in my opinion, but their content’s qualities are close to the finest. In my mind, each of them are still trying to prove themselves repeatedly to “climb up the ladder” and closer to theor dream. It’s is this reason, I believe, as to why I started the brand in the first place. I wanted this brand to help artists by providing them a platform and resources from the administrative aspect to help them excell to their dreams which often is making our pursuing the ideas that inspire them.

Earlier, it made sense to use emerging artists with already profound ideas and have made a remarkable impact with their work already get into the community so they serve to further elevate the awareness of what they’re doing inspire others to support them. It just so happens that the themes in the content that inspires their creativity relates back to identity in some aspects. I wanted this exhibition to be an experience for people to reflect on the concept of rite of passage, and what it means to be the identities that we hold. This concept matter to me, and I think it matters to many others, because this is an open dialogue leading to answering the following question

Is my destiny truly in my own hands and at my own disposal, or is my fate already predetermined and I’m giving the illusion of choice?

If my destiny is based off my character and identity, and if I am capable of changing my identity, at what point does my density change and what defines that changing experience?

Is it my actions soly, or is it something more?

Each of these artists handle identity differently. Some explore, others question, others challenge and redifine the factors and circumstances that we allow to define us. In regards to my brand’s mission and vision, it is one of my objectives to inspire a community to take action inspired by art and the conversations they spark. My question is, how can we move forward as a community to better outcomes?

All of these things orbit my thoughts as I slwrite this official curator statement.

It takes a village

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In Chapel Hill, NC, many great people came together in celebration of two extraordinary people. I had the opportunity to photograph Tiffany and Dexter Robinson at their baby shower. Dexter and Tiffany, are supported by many influential and talented friends and family. The images above are some of photography of mine in practice. More of my work can be found on my archallery.

Welcome to Gate City

If this is your first time, welcome to Greensboro. This city has many hidden treasures, ranging from history to culture. After living here for five years, I am still learning of hidden coffee shops, galleries, thrift stores and other potential. The most recent treasure was to have the U.S. Figure Skating Championships hosted here in Mid-January. Two years ago, I saw the call to artist for the poster design competition, but began designing much closer to the deadline.

I the design challenge was to not have any type, or writing at all. However, there were no other constraints. I wanted to do something focusing more so on content layering. Instead of focusing on only the beauty, I wanted to add functionality to it. The conjoined figures are actually stages of a performance. Each poster depicts the first, second, and third, place winners of 2014 U.S. Championships, which were hosted in Boston.

The following are the winners and their performances captured on video:


First Place

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Second Place (My Favorite)

Madison Chock & Evan Bates

Third Place

Maia & Alex Shibutani

The Championships have been a big deal, as it relates to potential participants for the Olympics in the near future. This event is a mere stepping stone for some of these performers, much like the illustrations that overlay each other to capture a timeless moment that marks their hard work to compete at the level they do. This series inspired me to make more videos relating to Greensboro’s many hidden secrets, which I will post another day. Enjoy!

P.S. The prints will be posted on my Digital Fine Arts Gallery



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These are portraits of people I shot in their “best light”. When I shoot, I intend to capture people as relaxed as then can be and in their “natural environment” and I aim to add as much character in each portraiture shot as possible. I also try to add story in my shots. Usually, they are open-ended, but in each person I shoot, I see something more to them that I use whatever resources I can to show more about them. More of my photography can be found in my personal gallery.