Who Are You?

“…A bit of a rough question. I have a tendencies to view myself as many things, but to specify, I am an Artist and a business professional in the Arts. And I want to make a living in the Arts!”

What are you Doing?

“Figuring out how to make a living supporting artists and making art myself.”

Jordan T. Robinson is an African-American Artist and Business professional of the Arts.
As a Creative, the work he produces is focused on identity and its relationship with an individual’s destiny. Another area of focus is the study of thought and feeling and their various relationships in creative process. Both areas use spiritual, mystic, scientific, political, and social references as a source of insight.

“In my work, my thinking is driven by values, such as  empathy, and Innovation. I am determined to produce work that helps others connect with one another and serve in any way possible for anyone. In my personal journey for enlightenment, peace, and prosperity, I intend to use my skills to express my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the world around me and the people I come across day to day.”

As an administrator, Jordan has devoted five years in work experience, and almost two years of graduate-level education, to develop, refine, and apply the skill sets obtained through these experiences. Along with producing artwork, Jordan gains fulfillment from helping other artists in their career, although he himself is also defining his career as well.

“My experiences in arts administration, leadership, and business design are used to help promote Artists. This is done under the brand name, JTR Presents (Until I find a better name) which I am forming into a non-profit. It is currently a sole-proprietor for profit but the model is the different. The goal is to generate half the budget with earned income, and gain the other half with contributed income. Until I reach those states, I am looking for the best resources to use for the time being.

I’m in an awkward place, as I am looking for a full-time position, and quickly build on-top of my experiences so I am more competitive. So when I am not working at another organization, I am working on my own business.”